LGBTQ Help With Heart

LGBTQ+ Help With Heart

There may have been times when you experienced hostility, indifference and a lack of respect for who you are. Perhaps even people close to you did not treat you with the dignity you deserve. As a married lesbian woman, I understand exactly what you have gone through.

For this reason, I have dedicated my legal practice to representing the LGBTQ+ community in Central Ohio. It is important to me that I provide skilled representation in a safe, welcoming space. At Hannah's Legal Help, you and your family will always be treated with care and respect. I have made it my life’s work to reach out to the community as a lawyer, a mentor, a volunteer and as someone who understands the unique needs of queer people.

You can learn more about me and my staff below:

Photo of attorney Hannah Botkin-Doty
  • Chauna Darst-Reeves, Legal Secretary/Office Manager (she/her, pansexual)


Legal Crises Don’t Happen Just Between 9:00 To 5:00

As your attorney, I am available to you anytime. I don’t stop caring at 5:00 p.m. You may have urgent questions or situations that occur outside of office hours, and that’s ok. As part of my commitment to clients, I am responsive at other times of the day and week.

I Don’t Bill By The Minute

Unlike many lawyers, I do not charge by the minute. Instead, I charge a flat fee for my services so you know upfront what it will cost to retain me. I am sensitive to people’s budgets and believe that everyone deserves quality representation from an attorney who cares about them.

Work With Me And You Will Feel Confident And Supported

I take extra care with my clients and believe that their emotional and mental well-being is important, too. Plus, I am actively involved in my geographic, legal and LGBTQ+ communities, which includes continuing education programs, volunteering, membership in professional associations and mentoring/taking on a shadow. I strive to be a strong role model for younger attorneys, my clients and their children.

For a free conversation to discuss your legal matter, call my office at 409-527-7106 or send me an email today.