LGBTQ Help With Heart

Quality Service. Committed Advocacy.

I am honored to have assisted numerous Ohio LGBTQ individuals, couples and families in resolving their legal challenges. I am grateful to be able to present some of their words of thanks as illustrations of the committed advocacy with which I serve each of my clients.

“We have used Hannah for multiple legal needs. She is very responsive and kind and does a
great job dumbing down ‘legalese’ for my partner and I. Her rates were also very reasonable.
Thank you Hannah!”
– Gina N.

“Where do I begin?? What a gift to my community! I had postponed/ignored legally changing
my name as I just didn’t want to deal with all the transphobic B.S. and thought ,’hey, I will just
navigate as is and deal with what comes.’ Hannah, however, saw it differently!! She told me I
deserved this: It was my right to be able to live as my authentic self, living the life I chose with
the name that chose me!! She managed, in spite of me dragging my feet, to accomplish the one
thing I had not been able to, with ease! I didn’t realize the importance of this until she told me
it was done and ironically on my Transiversary 12 years in I AM COMPLETE!!! Thank you is not
enough Hannah ! To my community…this is what advocacy looks like!!!! Hannah's Legal Help!”
– Tyson C.

“As a colleague of Hannah’s for many years, I can’t think of a better resource in the central Ohio
area in her practice areas. Kind, thoughtful, passionate are a few adjectives that the legal
community has when we think of Hannah. I have seen Hannah’s work firsthand, and can
recommend her without hesitation.”
– Justin W.

“This amazing human has helped me become Everett. Not only did she take the time to
complete the legal paperwork. After that she assisted me in working through the process of all
the loops that our legal system has for the trans community. Hannah thank you so much for
being there.”
– Everett F.